Monday, August 06, 2007

First Day of Workshops

Well, I woke up bright and early this morning at 4:30 am. It was 6:30 am my time. I am still working on Chicago time. I showered and ate some breakfast with Harriet. They have a nice breakfast buffet here.

I did my family last night. I called them as soon as I could without waking them up. My 4 yro daughter keeps asking me every time I talk to her how many more days until I come home. She even put a little white teddy bear in my bag to keep me company - so I would not be lonely. My 8 yro just wants a souvenir-that's it. Doesn't miss momma anymore.

I only had a class this morning. It was a class with Linda Abare. We are making our own metal embossed covered books. I have done a lot of metal embossing but really wanted to do some book binding. The class went rather quickly. I kinda did not follow the class and went off on my own. It's not my fault that she gave a hand-out with all the directions on there. I just worked ahead and did my own interpretation yet still following what she had done - kinda. It is upstairs right now with the light spackle drying. The pewter sheet we used was very soft and easy to work with. The tools were okay. I am used to the Ten Seconds Studio embossing tools. I can't wait until tomorrow to do the book binding part.

I would really like to start making some wild books. I love to
create funky covers and I love the bookbinding part. The best part about it is that I don't have to fill the pages with art!!! Maybe someone would want to do a handmade book swap with me. Someone who likes funky and eclectic. Mind swirling. I want to get in as much art as possible by Thursday. I know that once I go home, I will have to start doing stuff for school. The kids will have to start getting their own stuff ready for school.

A buffet lunch was included with my class today. It was pretty decent. Really liked the tiramisu. Met some very nice people today. Some people gave me some fun trades. Mostly paper stuff. The onsite store had a lot of stuff. They have the most fun original stamps. They have some really good funky stamps. Reminds me of the toon called Corpse Bride. I think that I will have to do some art with these stamps. Don't y'all worry, I have taken picts. I will scan everything when I get home and post it on my blog.

Artist sightings: Michael DeMeng, Shosh from Hannah Gray, Richard Salley, Anne Grgch, and others that I can't remember off the top of my head. I hope to be one of the artist instructors next year. You never know. Keep your fingers, toes, and other extremeties crossed for me.

More updates later. I am doing a make 'n take and then playing with Art Techniques people and anyone else around.

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