Monday, August 06, 2007

tonight's make 'n take

I did not have class this afternoon. I played with Lumiarte stuff and Brilliance/StazOn stuff. I also got a couple of very cool stamps and tried those out. I will post my results after I get home. They are so very fun. The people who sold them to me used them in cards. I got a funny look from someone when I said that I don't do cards. I used to, but that was when I first started doing art.

The make 'n take I did tonight was from After Midnight Stamps - They have this frosted glass which is like sea glass but very light. You have a heat source like a griddle or one of those Suze things for heating up UTEE. Can't think of the name of the thing right now. Take a small sheet of parchment paper and put that on the heat source. Put the frosted glass on top and sprinkle on Opals embossing enamel. I would think that UTEE or embossing powder would do the same thing. Let that melt completely and then put a piece of fantasy film over it - entire piece of glass. I let mine completely melt. It melts and curls and does funky stuff. Take it off and put on a heat sheet or tile. Immediately press a stamp into it. Press firmly and then take it off. Let the thing cool down. A small piece curled up when I pressed down on the stamp. I ended up burning my palm by my thumb. You know how much that hurts. I have a pretty bad red mark. While it is still warm, trim with scissors. If you have a rough edge, then trim it by swiping it towards you on the heat source. I rounded the edges that way. I have to tell you that it looks very cool using a word stamp. They also sell a very nice jewelry bail for it. I think it is spelled bale though. Isn't it? I would have to Google that but don't feel like it at this moment. They sell a new Scotch glue meant for glass and metal. You just need a drop. Superglue might also work. I am not paying $19 for a small bottle of glue. I will have to shop around to see if I can get a better price than that. I have it hanging around my neck right now.

I am going to host a play session tonight starting at 8 pm. Going to go upstairs right now to chill for a little while before going.

By the way, the reason why you see such large spaces in between my paragraphs is because I don't want my paragraphs to run together. For some reason, blogger sometimes does not space my paragraphs the way I write them. If I put more space in between the paragraphs, I figure it is easier to read than one large chunky paragraph.

Missing my family. Never thought I would miss my two kids arguing over who gets to sit next to me. Yes, even miss the dh. He calls me like I am at home though.

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sue penrod said...

I am a frequent looker at your blog and love the stuff you put out there, hope you still find time to do this, all I can say is you go girl, I have been in swaps before but have never hosted one because of what you discribe. I think I would pull my hair out at the inconsiderate people I would have to deal with, it is much nicer just to do art that I want to do. I hope you share with the blog some of your projects that you have put on the back burner. oh and give the kids and hubby a big hug. They proabaly miss you also.
sue penrod