Thursday, August 09, 2007

Simplifying my life

I am sitting here at the airport waiting for my flight. I will give a full update with picts from Art Unraveled when I get home and recover. I have 3 days of workshops waiting for me when I get home. Can't believe my flight is delayed - again.

I have been getting messages - mostly unpleasant - about swaps. Some that are missing in the mail and some that had a recent mailing date. How am I supposed to swap out stuff from a 7/31 mailing date when I am still getting swap items in the mail? I cannot control the mail. Where do people expect me to pull the swap out of (use your imagination)? Why would I want to keep your swap? If it is that terrific, then you should sell it instead of swap it. Don't you think I put a lot of time and effort into the items I create for swaps? Do people actually think I benefit from being a swap hostess? Well, I am tired of this crap. I have said before that I am going to leave the Yahoo groups but have never followed through. Some people think I have nothing else to do but wait by my mailbox, wait for their swaps, and swap it out the moment I get them all. They don't know about the swaps with no return envelopes, wrong count, no stamps, and the ones I need to go to the P.O. for international mailing. I don't have a job or a family.

It is times like these that I think about what I am getting out of this. I really, really do appreciate the people who tell me how much they get out of my Yahoo groups and from my blog. I love how many people know me as the girl from the blog or as Crazy Art Girl. It is time I think about myself. I have aspirations as well. I have been thinking about this for a long time. I am going to honor all my swap commitments in my groups. After the last swap and when we are done doing the Acrylic Revolution stuff, I am going to close down the groups except Art Techniques. Maybe someone else will want to continue some of them. I don't want to be an absent owner with moderators. I have not decided if I am going to leave Art Techniques or not. I will continue to blog. That will not change. I might be more infrequent with my posts but I will continue to post my artwork here.

I loved meeting so many artists these past four days. This is the first vacation I have taken without my kids in a very long time. I really missed my family and want to be with them and work on projects I have put on the back burner. I will NOT flake and not complete any swaps that I have already posted. I send out the collage technique booklets already in the works. I will just have to learn not to do so much anymore. I might actually get some quality sleep.


Dawn Sellers said...

Belinda - I am so sorry you are getting so many horrible emails. People can be so cruel sometimes. I just wrapped up a swap that ended up being two months late going out because of business and work related issues. Things happen, people need to understand that. Hosting a swap is a lot of work for not much in return and then when things happen, people get all out of sorts and start being mean. Don't let it get to you. Take a deep breath, enjoy yourself and it will get done. Someone in my swap really put it into perspective for me . . . . if that last thing we have to worry about at the end of the day is "where's my swap" we're doing pretty darn good!

Your artwork is amazing, I just read your booklace tutorial on Art-e-zine - you are inspiring. I love that you do so much, you are not afraid to experiment and you seem to be a no nonsense kind of person. I hope we get to meet in person someday! I know you are moderating comments so feel free to delete this if you want, but keep up the good work. Finish up your swaps and then decide what direction you want to go - that's where I'm at right now too. Even though I'm pretty quiet on art techniques I love reading it everyday and trying some of the techniques as I have time. I hope you decide to keep that one going.
Take care of yourself Belinda!

Jan Scholl said...

I feel your pain. I was a swap hostess and just to finally get the stuff swapped out after begging for postage etc. I paid out of my pocket almost 100.oo and then posted my real feelings and was out of there., I didnt want to be accused of stealing but wanted to dump the stuff in the trash. My kitchen was always full of stuff. I am so done with that stuff. I dont mind a one on one swap like I do sometimes now. its just one thing. but the rest-so many trolls inhabit Yahoo and just want free stuff. Save your sanity. It will be good for you in the long run.

purplepaint said...

Belinda - I'm so sorry to hear people have been giving you grief! I have never done a swap but can only imagine what a lot of work it would be! Can't say as I blame you. I appreciate all that you do, all the swaps, and all the teaching you have been doing on your groups! I hope you don't leave arttechniques. That is my favorite group! You and Sherre are so creative and it's wonderful to be able to soak some of that up from you! I can totally understand that you need some time to do your own thing, I often wonder if you ever sleep. :) Marva

rosebudinnh said...

hello I just needed to let you know how much I enjoy your groups, and blog!!!!!! And wanted to give ya some positve feed back... I really cant belive how much you do, for everyone in your groups... I have a couple groups , and sometimes get overwhelmed with request from people. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF .... And what ever you decide to do , Ill be cheering you on. THREE CHEERS FOR YOU !!!! And big hugs too. thank you for all you do. Rose Guerin/ aka rosebudinnh

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Belinda, I really can understand where you're coming from, and I don't know how you get as much done as you do. If anyone reads your blog as well as your posts to the groups, they should understand how fast you're moving trying to do everything. The only time I've ever started wondering about a hostess is when they seem to dissapear - no emails, nothing and they I start wondering did something happen to them, or what, but you've never done that. You're constantly sharing your expertise with all of us, and could probably write a book, so I think you are very generous sharing what you know with all of us. Maybe I'll also learn how to simplify my life from you too. Best wishes.

Eclectic Works said...

Well said! I agree, you should think about yourself more.
I can't stand when flights are delayed :( Hope you get home soon.
Thanks again for posting about your adventures at Art Unraveled. Look forward to seeing any pictures you took from your trip :)

SC-The Artful Mama said...

I'm sorry you have been getting so many negative emails regarding swaps. In the long run, I'm sure your decision to "simplify" will be a huge benefit to you. I'm sorry the decision was made this way, but hopefully you will be happier because of it.
Susan Chong
Artful Mama

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Glad to hear your going to simplify your life Belinda and do more for YOU. I've Been there and can relate.
Have some fun creating art for You :-)