Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things in perspective

I went to visit my grandmother today in a nursing home. She just went this week. It was very sad and rather frightening for me. She is already 90. She was always very strong-willed - imperious would be a good description of her. She just seemed very frail to me.

I felt a loss today when I read that Vickie Enkoff had suddenly passed away. It really hit home even though we had never met in person. I knew her from Yahoo groups and from her online store. I have some collage sheets from her daughter.

Life is too short.


Tina said...

Vicki passed?? oh how sad..I worked with her on some rubber stamps..Sorry to hear of this. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother too, it's hard to see the person you love in a nursing home..

Esmeralda said...

Sorry your Grandmother had to go to a rest home. It must break your heart to see her in one. Visit her often, as I know you will. My heart goes out to you dear.

Jan Scholl said...

Vicki died? Oh my. I get collage sheet stamps and kits from her daughter as a club. With all the stress doing her doctorate and now this. SO so sad for Melanie and the art world too. My daughter and I are big fans of Vicki. I am really speechless.