Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tim Holtz's Crackle Paint and Golden's Crackle Paste

I know that someone on one of the lists was interested in Tim Holtz's crackle paint. This is coming out in September. I like Golden's crackle paste but it needs to dry overnight or several hours before crackling. I also like the crackle paste because it comes white - uncolored. Tim Holtz's crackle paint comes in specific colors. I guess that works great as a convenience item. The fact that the Golden crackle paste takes so long to dry will not work for me in a workshop application. So, I am going to buy a couple to try it and see how well it will work in a workshop timeframe.

I have the Golden's crackle paste and really like it. I posted an altered book before where I used the crackle paste for the cover. I also used it in my frame for my 3x3's. Just look down one post. Click on the pict to enlarge and you can see the crackling. Thin coat gives you less and smaller crackling. A nice thick coat will give you bigger crackle. I do need to let it dry overnight. You need to put it on a stiff, hard surface or the crackle will warp your background/foundation. It takes acrylic paint really well. It is actually on sale right now at

I thought that other people might like this product - Tim Holtz's crackle paint. It is different than other paints. It comes with an applicator and it self levels (so I have read). Medium coat will give you smaller cracks than a heavier coat. I also read that you cannot put a heat gun to it until it begins to crackle because the heat itself can prevent the crackling. I would experiment on a small piece of scrap if you use a heat gun. Several review said similar things. I think this is the best review:

This site has a great sample of what the crackle paint colors look like: Some of the colors look different from the color samples that Ranger provides you. I like seeing the actual crackle. I am not too sure of the darker colors because I can't see the crackling as well. If any of you get the darker colors, then let me know how it comes out. Thanks!

I am preordering mine from Frances at She is selling them for $4.50 each plus shipping. You can email her to preorder it. She will email you back with the total so you can paypal her or whatever. I have done a lot of business with Frances. She is very dependable and wonderful with shipping. She won't gouge you on shipping like with some other online sites. Her website is and her email is

BTW, I don't get anything for this. I pay the same thing as all of you. I just thought that some of you might be interested.

One last thing, does anyone know of a website that reviews art supplies (besides my blog)? Craft Critique is more for scrapbooking.

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