Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Zentangle

I showed my 6th graders how to do this yesterday as an end of the month fun thing. A lot of them really enjoyed it. They were very creative using different patterns and colors. Some used colored pencils and others used markers. I still like just the black and white ones.
I did this one last night while watching "Sky High" (again) with my kids. After awhile, it becomes pretty mindless and I just kept playing with it until I was happy. The hardest thing for me was what patterns I wanted to work with when I first started. I like my strings to be more deliberate - not random. I am going to talk to my kids that draw. They will give me some tips on how to make mine look more 3D. I am groovin' on my little alien pods.
I am glad that my muse is coming back. It is slowly coming back. I lost it for awhile with being sick and school starting. If wasn't something with school, then it was something with soccer or tumbline or a birthday party or a playdate or needing something for school.


Alis said...

Oh I have just got to have a go at the Zentangle's they look fun.

Marilyn said...

These are all wonderful. I like this one for it's "free form"