Sunday, September 30, 2007

Didn't make it as a designer

Awhile back, I applied to be a designer for Alpha Stamps. I have been asked before by other companies but did not do it because I did not feel that I would be able to work with the products they sell. I actually liked quite a bit of the stuff that this company carried. I was kinda disappointed tonight when I found out that I did not get it. I wanted to do this because I wanted to challenge myself with my art. I wanted to be able to create something with materials that someone gave me. It is easy for me to create with what I already have. I wanted to expand out of my "current" box. It is one thing to experiment but another to create for publication on a regular basis. Looks like I will not be traveling down this road. I will get over it.


Sandy said...

Waah! Disappointed for you. There are other commpanies. Keep trying!

Shari said...

Hi :)

I'm finally finding a few minutes to get caught up online---reading blogs, replying to email, uploading art, writing in my blog, etc. Sorry to see you didn't get the designer position. I rarely even think of applying for that kind of thing or submitting art for publication---I don't handle the rejection thing very well. I don't take it personally when rejected, but it still makes me feel bad and I spend way too much time thinking about it!! I did submit the Crown project that I taught last month. Six of my students completed their crowns (including me)and I sent them in last week. I am keeping my fingers crossed that at least a few of them get published. Hope you are feeling better. Being sick this time of year is such a drag and it seems to hang on forever. I'm also hoping that your "muse" has a quick recovery. Looking forward to seeing some new and exciting things from you.
-hugs, shari

Esmeralda said...

Sorry you didn't get the position. You at least went out and tried for it and that takes moxie. I know you have what it takes to make it. So don't give up.

Anonymous said...


Just a gentle reminder , if I may...
the title should read
"Didn't make it as a designer...yet"

That gives the universe space to help make that dream come true, if you really want it.

Sometimes, NO is the right answer, for the situation. With respect, Sassafras