Sunday, September 16, 2007

Artist of the Week is....

Glenda Bailey!!!

Name: Glenda Bailey


Email Address:

Website and/or Blog:

What Yahoo groups do you belong to? acrylicart, collagecats, artechniques, CollagewithClaudine, Designer I

What kind of art do you like to do? mixed media, collage, felting, silk ribbon embroidery

What materials do you work a lot with on a regular basis? paper, ephemera, vintage and other pictures, wool, fabric, lace

What type of materials would you not touch if it was even given to you? I just can't think of anything.

Do you like to peel stuff off your fingers or not? No, but I do it.

Do you "collect" something? books and magazines on art

What else do you do when you are working on something art related? I listen to cds (mostly mysteries), listen to Court Tv, (I was supposed to be an attorney, but never finished college so all that interests me) watch HGTV out of the corner of my eye

Is your art area messy or kinda neat? Messy

Who or what has influenced your artwork the most up to this point? Fred Ottnes, Ann Baldwin

Are you a self-taught artist? Yes

Tell me about the day you realized you were a "real" artist? When I started sending in my work and getting published and then selling my work

What colors speak to you? red, magenta, purples and then all shades of browns and sepia

What colors do you absolutely abhor? yellow, but one has to use it

What do you think is being overdone right now? putting hats and wings on just everything

Do you have a day or 2nd shift job? No

What would you rather be doing than the above job?

Do you do "cute"? Only for my grandchildren

Have you been published in a national art magazine or even want to do that? Yes

Do you do something the first time and leave it or do you go back and work it some more until you get it "just right"? I finish everything after I start it or toss it

When do you feel most satisfied in your art process? As I am in the process

How do you lose yourself and forget about everything else? I guess I don't. I am a multi tasker and I never do just one thing, But then I would include in that getting "involved" in the books on tape that I listen to

Tell me about a vice that you have. Monster Low Carb drinks

Anything you want to ask me or anything else you want to add? No, just that I appreciate your hard work and that you give so freely of your talents and time. I love the yahoogroups and the sharing and caring that they give us. I spend a lot of time in my art room and I guess sometimes I feel that there are lots of others doing the same thing and we can "get together" through participation in the groups. Love that.

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