Friday, October 26, 2007

Exhausted but too wired to sleep

I just finished my samples and proposals for teaching some mini-workshops this summer. I had them all written up but had to make up some appropriate samples. It has been difficult for me to get anything done the last couple of weeks since my dh has been taking night classes. Oh, now I need to worry about Halloween. I am pretty satisfied with my proposals and samples. I want to sleep but I am still kinda loopy from rushing around doing stuff. I drilled, I metal embossed, I transferred, and I soldered! I am going have a snack, some tea, and camp out on the couch. I am sure I will pass out as soon as I stop moving around. Happy weekend all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda,
sorry to use your comment section for this. I have been trying to contact you and havent received a reply so I dont know if my email is going to your spam folder or what.
Can you email please.