Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trying again with the Crackle Paint

Okay, after reading all the comments in Art Techniques, I thought that I would give the Distress Crackle paint another try. This time, I slathered on a generous amount onto a manila tag. I let dry naturally. Here are the results. You can click on the pict for a larger view. I am so unimpressed. It crackles all right but the crackling is so much smaller than when I use the Golden Crackle paste.

It must be that I like the big, bold, deep crackling instead of the small, more fine crackling. When I bent back the crackled paint, it did not do much. It bent with the tag. The Golden Crackle paste crackled more when I bent the heavy paper in the other direction to unwarp it.
I just stamped on the crackled tag. I could not tell that the background was crackled once I stamped on it.
I think that I will just stick to the Golden Crackle Paste. Even the cheap stuff from Delta Creamcoat works better than the Distress Crackle paints - in my opinion (of course). If you have tried it and have gotten different results, then please leave a comment.

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Andrea Plotts said...

I agree with you about the Crackle Paints... I have tried using these many times and it seems like a waste of time and energy in the end because the small crackle effects I do get, end up being covered up! I've not tried the other Crackle pastes you have mentioned. Maybe I will give that a try soon!