Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Little Box of Secrets

I recently took a workshop with Barbara MeGuire. Love her stamps, BTW. It is because of her that I am giving polymer clay another chance. Yeah, I am thinking of ways to incorporate the clay into my metal pieces. I took the workshop at More Than Memories. Met some very nice artists. Ate some Mongolian stir fry AND, AND, saw my art bud, Sandy Mayfield there! She was doing some shopping. Foot surgery has not stopped her, it has just slightly slowed her down.

You can click on the picts to get a larger view. Barbara showed us how to do transfers on the clay and how to make the box. The support is from an empty matchbox. You will have to take her workshop to find out how it is done. I am not going to give away her workshop. I do love the belt pieces on the side and at the top of the cord. This piece can be worn. I will never do it, so I shortened the cord. I used some metal and coconut heishi beads, too. I got those from eBay. I used several acrylic colors to get the final colors you see in the pict.

The only thing left for me to do is to decide what secrets I want to put inside the box. I am very happy with this piece. It really came together well. I am groovin' on the textures and the colors. They do work really well together. I really like the matte finish of the transfers. I did not put liquid Sculpey on top as a finish. The transfers are from Barbara as well.

I have taken two workshops with her this year. I have been very happy with both. I came out of both with finished pieces. Okay, when don't I finish a project during a workshop? I actually finished doing the wire wrapping on my copper and clay bracelet in between doing stuff in this workshop. That is why I did not have the right pliers with me. In a hurry and did not grab the right ones.

If you ever get the chance to take Barbara, then I highly recommend that you do. She is a wealth of information. She is also very patient and very generous. She is very calm and low key. Instructions are very straight forward and she does not expect you to do the same thing she does. She just shows you the technique and you decide how you want to do it. She even will give you variations and tell you if the order does not matter. I enjoyed it a lot. No, she is not paying me or giving me clay to say this. Here is her website:

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