Monday, December 31, 2007

ABC distressed Swappers

They were all mailed out. People are emailing me that they are starting to receive them. I was short "U" and "L". Someone mistakenly did a "P" instead of "L". If you were short another letter, then email me privately. I might have one extra or I can give you mine. A couple of them might have stuck together and I did not catch it.

This turned out to be a great swap. Great quality in the artwork. I will let people know the status with CPS through the blog.


Joanie said...

Hi Belinda,
I received my alphabet yesterday and they are well done & a lot of fun to look at.
Thank you for hosting!

Moonwillow said...

I received mine the other day and wanted to Thank You for being a great hostess for this swap! LOL I had to wrestle my 4 year old grandson to keep them safe, he wanted to put them on the fridge to make words. Not sure what I will do with them yet, still thinking on that.

Michelle said...

Hi Belinda,
My alphabet arrived today (finally! I was having letter envy!) and it was a great swap. Thank you for hosting! Michelle