Saturday, December 08, 2007

Catching up on things

ABC sampler swap - missing 3 letters. I emailed the people who I am still waiting for. If I don't hear from them or if they drop, then I will send back the swap less the 3 or whatever number it ends up being. I don't want to wait for someone to do them with the holidays coming up so quickly. I will make up the missing letters for the ABC sampler going to CPS.

I am still working on the skinny book pages. It is a ton of work. Getting out as soon as I can.

I will be at Valley Ridge June 28 and 29 for the Beryl Taylor workshop. BJ is going with me as well. YAY! Email me and let me know if you are going as well. We will find time to eat and maybe even have an art playdate.


Michelle said...

Hey Belinda! Thanks for keeping up with things. I'm excited about the ABC swap and look forward to seeing what everyone did. Actually, that's pretty good that you are only missing 3!! Glad you are still here on your blog so I can see what you're up to, you are an amazing person. Best, Michelle (letter "J" ...

Altered Route said...

Oh Lucky You!!! I would love to go to a Beryl Taylor workshop!! You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back and take photos!!

Joanie said...

Hi Belinda,
If anyone is interested in swapping the 3 missing letters, I'd be happy to make one of each to swap with someone.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,
Joanie Hoffman

Michelle Johnson said...

I am excited for the sampler. Do you have any pics of the one you submitted to CPS?