Saturday, December 08, 2007

Missing Collage Booklets

I was at the post office today and talked to the people there. They have not turned up anything at their location. I went to the one that mailed it. They all went out first class. The international ones went air.

They told me it was not unusual for mail to take longer this time of year, even though I mailed it out early November. Something about a lot more mailers and stuff for the Christmas shopping.

Please give it until the holidays are over. If you have not received it then, then email me with your name and address and I will send another one to you. I don't have any extras. I will have to make them up. It will be at my additional cost.

I am sorry that this happened. I cannot control the mail and cannot be responsible for it. I have lost quite a few of my own swaps and mail through USPS.

I am posting on my blog since I have left most of my Yahoo groups.

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Sherry Yeager said...

I have not gotten mine yet either. Hopefully it will show mup. Sherry Yeager