Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Fortune

I heard from two art friends today that Fortune and Fate is smiling upon them in different ways. I was very happy for them and very happy that they chose to share it with me.

Is there something wonderful happening in your life? If you would like to share, then please comment to this post. I would love to read about it.

We are all on different paths in our lives. Art is what brings most of us together - at least blogwise. I started exhibiting and selling art and found out that was not for me. It might be later on but it does not interest me right now. Selling what I create is not that important to me. I was going to start an art related business but that did not work out. I used to collect all sorts of crap that I thought I would use one day. I don't do that any more because I know my art-self better now. I also have enough art friends where I can get it from them, if I need it. I love all my art friends.

Do you know why you do art? Do you do it because you enjoy it or do you want it to be more? Some of us do and some of us don't. Don't feel badly if you just want to play. That is what I do with all these different techniques. Some people have branched out and started an online business. Others have just started blogging and creating their own websites. It is not where your steps go that is important but that you are actually taking steps in some direction that is important. I love it when people get out of their box and actually like it!!!

Eventually, I will write my book. I see that vision down the road but not just now. There are other things to occupy me right now. I am in a happy place with all the things that I have going on right now. Are you in a happy place with art? Is there something else you want to do with it but am afraid to take that first step? What is holding you back? If you are happy, then that is wonderful.

We all do art for different reasons. I like to teach and feel the need to share. I do art because it is an outlet for me. It is something I do for me and not for anyone else. I split myself all day long with 30 students and with my family. I have all sorts of pressures pulling me in different directions all day long. Art is when I can forget about those things for awhile and lose myself in wet paint and metal. I know that things never stay the same, things might be different tomorrow. I looked at something I did a couple of years ago. I cannot believe how horrible it was. I was happy with it at the time. That is all that was important.

I hope that Good Fortune finds you in 2008.

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