Friday, December 07, 2007

Sad, Sad,Sad

I wanted to play with book covers. I put up a swap for the beginning of next year so I could get some other people's book covers to add to my own collection. I am working on them now. I will post them to my blog when done. My hinges are drying right now as I type. Getting back on topic, no one has signed-up yet. I am so sad. I will just have to live with my own book cover book.

I know, I know. People are busy with the holidays and can't see past that time. It is the opposite for me. I have more time because I get winter break for two weeks. HA!



I would love to do some book covers and i even have collected the books to do it with too. Ive seen some pictures of some enchanting pieces done with these and raced out to the local rubbish dump shop and now have a box of old books..It the dead line that I am worried about. postage takes time from here. When I get some time end of the month I will send you a book cover or two and you can add to your collection if you like wipe your tears and dont be sad i think its just that everyone is flat out getting ready for the big day and will soon be on book board with you soon lol Michelle

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry no one signed up. I considered it but quite honestly, just felt like I couldn't produce something worthy. Terrible attitude I know. I still don't know much about techniques and such.

Anonymous said...

I will do a book cover with you. I first need alittle more info. The actual cover from a book altered?
I have some really cool covers from readers digest books that have art deco designs on them that would be really cool with art deco ladies, also some antique books that I have done some awesome polymer clay things to that make them very three d. So let me know the process as you see it.