Friday, December 07, 2007

Would you buy this punchinella magic mesh?

Someone sent it to me to play with and to get my opinion. It is the same as the other Magic Mesh but it has round holes instead of square. They are relatively small holes - same size as the other Magic Mesh. The matboard piece on the left is a 5x8 and the one on the right is 4x6. The stuff is pretty good sticky-wise. I did pull it off several times and it still stay stuck onto the matboard the last time I pressed it down.
It was not so easy to use it as a stencil with a stamp pad. I would have to use a small dabber, sponge, or applicator. The holes were too small for the stamp pad to get into the entire hole. It did work a lot better with acrylic paint. What I liked the best about this product is that it comes stuck to a shiny piece of paper - kinda like wax paper from a sticker. That piece is wonderful to use as well as a stencil or as part of a background.
So, tell me now, would you buy this? Just leave a comment on my blog. Thank you very much for your participation!


Lynn Majidimehr said...

I think you have the same thing that I purchased in a scrapbook store, but the one I got was a pale sage green and it was in a package like the small magic mesh packages. Instead of using it to stencil with like the punchinella, I'm using it as an embellishment.

BoneFolder said...

As a retailer I think people would buy this. We started selling these Heidi Swapp masks that are similar -- sticky, come on a coated piece of paper -- and they work great. Word gets around (thanks in no small part to Kelly Kilmer. They sell really well for us; anyone who sees them in action buys them. Likewise with our sequin waste, which is used similarly to what you're describing, only it's not sticky.

--Mike Jennings

This 'n That said...

I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. If it was a reasonable price or I had a 40% coupon and it was right there in front of me, I might give it a shot. Hey! Do you think if it finally had enough layers of paint from usage, that the paint would peel off easily and you would then have a holey (not to be confused with holy - LOL)paint skin? You could probably even stretch it to distort it a little. That's if you can get it to peel. But then you could do the same with regular punchinella, too........hmmmm. Funny the things that stimulate new ideas for me. Miss you on the group, Belinda.

Judi Foster