Sunday, December 16, 2007

sample of grungeboard

Here is what naked grungeboard looks like. You can click on the pict to see the texture in more detail. Smells like bad leather when you open the package. A lot comes in each package. I used various paints on it. On the top texture, I used my finger. I put some paint on my board and rubbed my finger into it so I would only have a little on there. I put it on in a circular motion. No blobs or it covers up the texture. I tried sandpapering it but did not like that . I will have to experiment more with that. It is better to me to have contrasting colors. Light bottom and darker top texture. Other way will work, too.
Comments welcome.
I bought mine from Frances at The textures are swirls, dots, stripes, and harlequin. There is a package called Elements and one called Alpha (alphabet). The alphabet one is much larger. The Elements have a lot of fun designs. Elements are about $8 a package and Alpha about $20 a package. Email Frances for specifics.
You can see Tim Holtz demonstrating the grungeboard on YouTube:
Tell me what you think about it and how you have used it.

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Anonymous said...

I tried a sample of grungeboard that you sent to me. Heat embossed, metallic with no mica..worked the best. I put white gesso on a piece and stamped it onto a dark background..yes, it shows the texture! It does smell like bad leather tho'. Kathy C.