Monday, December 03, 2007

Some Holiday Ideas

Someone mentioned that they were looking for Christmas ideas. I don't make a lot of my own Christmas stuff due to my time constraints. I am in school this year up until Friday, the 21st. I sometimes make my own Christmas cards, sometimes not. My kids like to send out cards now and like the commercial ones. Go figure.

Judy Matheny sent this link out:

Rose sent this link:

Thanks to everyone who shares with us.

Some public domain picts:

Artchix carries a lot of fun stuff for the holidays: does as well - link in my right column, too has some great collage sheets:

These are not for the holidays but I love her collage sheets: You can never go wrong with Zetti I won't be bitter because they did not choose me as a designer. She also has some great embossing powders - I love using them and some ATC supplies that I pick up for projects every now and then.

Hope it helps you with your holiday creativity.

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Gypsy said...

Oh, these really helped. I did my first collage 'card' for my youngest daughter's 19th! I think she is gonna love it. The links to the free stuff made all the diff.
thanks bunches!
ps love your blog, and have seen you on other sites!