Monday, December 03, 2007

Tiny Puzzle Pieces

I got this pict from the website. Here is the link:
Just thought I would share this with all of you out there since a lot of you have asked me about them in the past. They are tiny, tinier than any others you can find out there. Limited Edition used to carry them but have since discontinued this item. Think 1.5" squares, think inchies, think ATCs. These would be great on cards as well. You can embellish them with some glitter or some embossing powder. You can try to connect them together and stamp something on them. You can make a frame with them. Possibilities, possibilities.
While you are on the website, you can sign-up for their email newsletter. That is how I found out that she is going to carry this item. While you are there, take a look through the gallery. There is some of my stuff there. 8-)
On to other things.

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Maggie R said...

What a great idea to use as you suggested..... Thanks for that tidbit :D