Friday, December 28, 2007

Tyvek paper

I also got this out of the Mixed Media Explorations book. It was done in the same fashion as the fabric paper but using tyvek paper instead of muslin. I used a used tvek envie.
The technique is in the January Technique of the Month - post below this one.
I crumpled the tissue paper here (and then uncrumpled) and that made it harder to see the stuff underneath. I also used a blue wash first. That was too dark. I dabbed it up with a paper towel but it was too late. I added some nickel azo gold and some green. Great color and texture. I will have to put a stamp pad to the texture to bring it out. My fabric paper shows the paper underneath much better than this one. Well, you experiment and learn. I will still use this for something.


Debby said...

I really really like that! I use those colors so much. I wish I could break out of that routine but they remind me of floating on the sea. My favorite place to be.

Sandy said...

I love the crinkles and the colors. Thanks for showing. Also, I like the new header on your blog.

Linda Manning Findley said...

I like the looks of this ... think I will get out the old tyvek envelope and try it ..... I have done some fabric paper and wasn't that pleased with my efforts but love the look of yours ..... Linda F