Friday, December 28, 2007

Update on grungeboard

Just wanted people to know that I have surfed several sites and have found out that some of the grungeboard (Elements) will not be available until February or March. I am not sure about the Alpha. There are also sheets of the grungeboard in the different textures if you have a die cut machine. So, if you are interested in trying it, then you might want to buy what you can right now. eBay is also selling it. Some of it is expensive but some of the Buy it now vendors are selling it pretty much close to cost. If you don't have it at your nearby stamp/scrapbooking store, then you might want to Google Tim Holtz grungeboard for alternative vendors. You can also ask in your various Yahoo groups to see if anyone has it - member vendor - or might be in your local store that you don't know about.

Just letting people know. This seems to happen every time a new Tim Holtz product comes out. You would think that they would be able to anticipate demand by now.


Jan Scholl said...

Unfortunately, some of the stores are gouging on prices. I have seen one package for 16.00 and the same down the road for 20. I got the plain alphabet as the dotted swirls I wanted werent there. Will be interesting to see what Tim is hinting at on his blog.

Debby said...

Frances at HIT has extra alpha grungeboard she would like to sell. All but swirls.

JeanM said...

Belinda, Frances has some alpha grunge available.