Sunday, December 09, 2007


Okay, this post is so not art related. I just wanted to share my kids' new obsession - besides UB funkeys. I am up right now because my son is having a sleepover and I can't go to sleep until all of them are asleep. It is 5:23 CST right now and I have not gone back to sleep yet. I have been up most of the night. I drifted off for awhile but they quickly woke me up.

Anyway, my kids' newest thing are Webkinz. They are stuffies that you can buy in stores or online. They have a secret code in the tag that will get you into their website. It is like a virtual pet. Don't buy a Webkinz that does not have their tag attached in the plastic envie/pouch. You sign-up and put your special code in. You have a pet now. You play games so you can feed it and get it furniture. You take it to the Webkinz doctor. You can have online friends.

My son was itching to get me one so I could participate. I currently play games for my 5 year old daughter. She is not a gamer as much as my son and I are. They were on sale at Jewel today, so they got me the brown Arabian horse. Funny, I am deathly allergic to horses in real life. They could not wait until Xmas. I had to have it NOW. They are actually kinda cute. I like the furry ones, not the longer stringy fur ones. Those aren't soft. I like the unicorn (little Webkinz), penguin, and reindeer. They are better than beanie babies because you can do something with them online.

Just thought that I would share. I am off to create pendants for Dremel now. I was playing with art glass, embossing powder, and fantasy film this am. Fun stuff.


Denise said...

my daughters have webkinz. They are so much fun for them!! My oldest plays the games to get points for my youngest.
I'm about to mail off some pages for a swap. Thanks for the reminders about being a good swap player. I love swaps and I know that it's important to be friendly and helpful to the hostess.
Thanks for that reminder.
Cheers, Denise

Arlene said...


My ten year old daughter and all of her friends love the Webkinz. There will be a few under the Christmas tree.