Thursday, January 03, 2008

Breakfast and heart journal cover

I just had a very nice breakfast with Sandy and Harriet - two of my favorite friends. Shari, wish you were there, too! I would rather be in Florida though. Anyway, we had a nice breakfast and did some art sharing. They are always so much fun! The huevos con chorizos was good, too. Yummy. I made a short trip to Joann's to pick up some fabric and some tulle.

I came home and tore some fabric into strips of different widths. The strips were long. I also got some tulle and some fibers out. I used my Singer sewing machine that my mom got me. I just know the basics. I do the straight stitch and zigzag. I don't know how to do buttons or any of that. I know how to couch because someone explained to me what it is. I am just saying that if I can do it, then most anyone can also do it. I learned how to sew clothes in high school. After that, I did not sew again until last year. I still can't traditional quilt if my life depended on it. I can do freestyle art quilting but that's about it (and that's stretching it). I am rather good at fabric post cards though. Anyway, I digress. I just kept using different stitches and kept sewing straight down. I added some tulle on top of some of the strips. I went back and put on some fiber for texture. I have a ton of extra strips if you want me to send you some so you can try it. Just email me privately.

I am hosting a heart journal swap - got the idea from a CPS email newsletter thing. The article is in the new CPS that just came out. I don't know if it is in the stores yet because I have a sub to it.

I cut out a couple of hearts from the dyed muslin that I made earlier in the week. I did a straight stitch onto the cover with an overlap. The fibers on top of it is the stuff from CPS. Yes, I know my heart journal words are crooked. They looked straight when I was sewing! Yea, I am off-center in real life anyway. I added a couple of eyelets because I have to have a bit of metal in all my pieces. I put a piece of craft Pellon interfacing in the middle and then put another piece of fabric strips for the inside of the cover. I am pretty happy with it. My subsequent ones will be better. I will just have to make sure my heart journal words are straight.

Comments welcome.

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Esmeralda said...

I like how you sewed your journal pages, the stitching is interesting and adds more texture to your work! :) I also like the label you use for your front cover! Did you write heart journal on paper, or is that a strip of fabric too? Love all the colors!