Thursday, January 17, 2008

heart journal cover with copper!

The top two and middle picts are of the back covers. The bottom picts are the front covers.
I got some copper foil from Basic Copper. Their link is in the right column. You can use either the 1 mil or 1.4 mil. I used the 1 mil. In the top pict, I just crumpled the foil and uncrumpled it. I cut it into a heart shaped and sewed it onto the cover (top right pict). The top left pict is embossed - 5 or 8 mil copper sheet. I patinaed it first and then sanded the top texture.
If you click on the middle picts, you will see the copper foil that I sewed into the strips. It looks different in real life. The copper foil works really well here. The only thing you need to watch out for are the edges. They are still sharp even though it is foil thickness. Use sharp scissors or a cutter so you don't get jagged edges. You can also fold the edges over. I will be doing a lot more sewing with copper foil.
The bottom picts are the front covers. They don't have any copper in them. Just wanted to show you what they looked like. The hearts are cut out of the dyed muslin.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love the colors. Please bring them tomorrow.

ScaryCheri said...

ohhh I love the colors you used Belinda. And that copper gives such a nice texture. Well done. Hugz, Scary

robin dudley-howes said...

HI Belinda
I have seen your post a zillion times on the AU group (last year anyway) and I think i rode the elevator with you a couple times too at art unraveled 2007. You are very prolific and generous with your art. i like what you've done with these hearts. I will be teaching again at Au this year... for a visual i'm a total blonde from california..maybe we can say hi!