Sunday, January 13, 2008

Learning how to draw better

This is something I can't do beyond basic cartoons for kindergarteners. I think that it is also a mind block thing. I don't want to learn enough to do it. It is the same way with traditional quilting. I tried it but could not get beyond a certain point. If you are not like me and would like to learn how to draw better or get some support from fellow artists, then this Yahoo group is for you.

They also work with digi-drawing. If you like it, then comment and let me know about it. I always like to pass on a good thing.


Sandy said...

OK, I signed up. I will check it out for a while and see if it is for me.
Sandy M.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Belinda!
We are new, we issue prompts and will try to encourage you to draw!
co-host Kathy