Friday, January 11, 2008

A lovely birthday surprise

My birthday was on Wednesday. I turned 44. It was a very busy day. I ended the day with pasta and chocolate cake. Can't complain about that. I got some very fun Pandora beads for my bracelet. My daughter made me a bracelet. My son got me a Dalmation Webkinz - yet to be named.

I got a very nice surprise on the day before - just in time for my birthday. I got my complimentary issue of Altered Arts, Jan/Feb 2008 issue. There is an article on Artist Trading Pins by Lori Roberts. Two of my pins are in the article on page 20. Yay, me! I am such a kid!

You can find this magazine in a lot of places. One source is, you can get it through her site or email Aileen. Here is the Altered Arts site: They accept submissions. This is another place that you can submit your art besides CPS and Somerset.


Debby said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday! I too turned 44 this year. I still feel like a kid. Congrats on the Altered Arts magazine. How fun to be published. Hope you have a great weekend.

American Genius said...

Happy Birthday!!
Yay, You!!!

American Genius said...

Where did you get the code for the blog language translator? I need one.