Friday, January 04, 2008

Leaving Yahoo groups

I have left all my Yahoo groups except for Mixed Media Art (which I own), Collage Sisthars (local art group), Assemblage Artists (since I do a lot of assemblages), and ABC - alteredbookclub. I don't do a lot of ABs any more but love the owner of that group - so I like to stay in touch. I am finishing up the exercises in Acrylic Artists and then leaving that group. I have spent too much time running Yahoo groups. I figure I can read blogs and find out what is going on. How many more techniques can I learn or am interested in learning? I also have a sour taste in my mouth from some nasty emails from people who were in my Yahoo groups. I am very happy with the small group of talented artists in Mixed Media Art.

I think that I will be seeing you at CHA this year. I will be taking the Beryl Taylor class at Valley Ridge in June with my bud, BJ. There will also be some Collage Sisthars there as well. I will be teaching some mini workshops at the end of this summer. I will be writing some copper articles. My plate is full with that, soccer, tumbling, and teaching my daughter how to read.

I have not done a lot of art these past two weeks. I have done some backgrounds and have started on my heart journal covers. I have finished up some projects for CPS that need to be mailed out. I am trying very hard not to do swaps this year. I might do a few small ones but that will be it. No RRs for me. I have not done one of those for awhile now. You never know when you will get bored with something or how life might change.

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Don't know why I hadn't seen this post before now. What a sweet compliment. Thank you so much.