Friday, January 04, 2008

Writing a book

A few people have emailed me about writing a book. I did have the opportunity to be part of a collaborative effort to write a book. At that time, my health was not great and I had other life issues going on. They are still there but I am dealing more effectively with them now. I felt at that time that I could not continue the project. My vision was not the same as the others. I cannot push what I want on other people. I decided that it was not my time. I do wish them luck and hope that they get their book published. I have already been published in other books and in magazines more than a few times. I don't feel the need to be part of a book just to be part of a book. My time will come. It is just not now. I am happy where I am now. Yes, Kathy, I really am. I have purged a lot of unhappy things and pressures from my life.

Who knows, I might self-publish a book when I feel the time is right. I may or may not get to it. I am busy sewing right now. Who knows what I will do next week? We were talking about books yesterday at breakfast. I don't read a lot of self-discovery books or anything intense because I read so many things for school. I have a tendency to read revenge books and historical romances when I want to do mindless-for-enjoyment reading. One exception is The Alchemist. I reminds me that it is not obtaining the goal which is ultimately important. It is your journey getting there. I decide which path to take. I have taken a few that have lead to dead ends. I have taken a some paths which have led to many friendships with people who I have never actually met. It is just important to me to find out what I don't like to do. I am on a new path in 2008. I know that it will be interesting. Don't care where it leads right now. Just as long as there is acrylic paint and metal somewhere along the way, then I'm happy.

Yes, I often digress. Isn't that what blogs are for?


Dawn said...

Blogs are for digressing so digress to your hearts is YOUR blog.
If you get around to doing a book all the best, if not then hey as you say it is not the time x

This 'n That said...

Just think, Belinda - you didn't have to premise your digression with "OT" LOL! You reminded me of something important - the journey. It's really all about the journey. I am going to my workroom right now and "reembark"!

Judi Foster