Saturday, January 05, 2008

Easy way to color muslin

I think I gave directions in a previous post but will do it again. Take a large container and put some color wash in it. I eyeball it and do about 2/3 colorwash and slightly less than 1/3 of water. I also add in a little gold pearl ex for some shine. Swirl to mix. Take a piece of muslin that will fit into the container crumpled up. Wet the muslin first and wring out excess water. Take the muslin and put in container. Wring out until entire piece of muslin has color wash on it. You might want to wear gloves so that you don't stain your hands. I just let it fade in a few days. Cranberry makes everyone give your hands a second look! Take your container with the muslin in it to the sink. Wring out the muslin and rinse underneath running water. Wring out. Crumple again and dip in random places. I don't really wring here. I just dip slightly in different spots. I DON'T rinse again so I get splotches of color compared to the faded muslin from rinsing. Smooth out and dry on newspapers or on a plastic sheet. You can iron to get out the wrinkles. I like them, so I keep the wrinkles. You can also spray on or dip in another color or two. Experiment. I did with mine and had some very fun color combos.

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