Saturday, January 05, 2008

What I did on my winter vacation

I started out my two week winter break by going to Wilderness Hotel/Water Park in Wisconsin Dells. We were there until Xmas Eve. We got there before the big snow and left when it was all shoveled. Xmas was spent at home. I got an iPod nano, a sweater, some Webkinz, earrings, and a few other misc. things. I spent a lot of time napping, reading, knitting, traveling back and forth, and doing some backgrounds. I am currently in sewing mode. I am working on the covers for the heart journal swap. It is comforting to sit there at the sewing maching mindlessly sewing together covers and strips of fabric. We saw Golden Compass and The Chipmunks. I want to still see National Treasure. I had breakfast with Harriet and Sandy. I did a lot of soccer. I did tons of laundry. I finished off a lot of art projects. I had lunch with Alice and Jim. Daughter still kinda sick. Thinking a lot about my grandmother. DH getting a cough - just what I need. DH started a new diet. He has already lost some weight. I stayed up for Monk marathons. I watched Iron Chef with my son. We shared late night ice cream. We made a cake for my birthday. My kids spent way too much time playing Webkinz.

I still have not done one thing for school! I have to do my workstations. That was the one thing I brought home to work on. I guess that is my project for tomorrow. I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday and will have a great new year.


Debby said...

Wow! Sounds like a fab vacation to me! Hope you are well rested.

brenda bliss said...

Looks like we missed your birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Belinda-Spreading your world with bright colors and glitter galore!
Brenda Bliss