Thursday, January 24, 2008

what irks me about blogger

Those of you who use blogger will understand my aggravation. Whenever you post something, there are times when you can't get the thing to do paragraphs. It will if I skip like 3 or 4 lines. I have tried indenting and all sorts of other things but it doesn't want to do it. I have tried to find a solution but have not found anything yet.

Another thing about blogger that bugs me is the word verification thing that I have to do every time I want to post a new message. It never works the first time even though I know that the letters are correct. I have to do it at least 2 times the first time I post. If I post several messages around the same time, then it is fine. Uggh! The length also irks me. Sometimes, it is only 4 or 5 letters long. Sometimes it is like 10 letters long and they flow into each other. Double uggh!

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Shelly said...

I've got a couple of blogs hosted at Blogger, and I've never had to complete word verification in order to post to them. Comments to other people's blogs, yes, but not posts to my own blog. You should contact Blogger, because that sounds like a bug to me. A really irritating bug!

As for not adding blank lines between paragraphs, try looking at your post in HTML mode. You can manually add line breaks there ("br" with no quotes, enclosed in angle brackets).

Also, go to the Format tab in Settings and make sure that "Convert line breaks" is set to "yes."