Thursday, January 24, 2008

Something you can do with your bind-it-all

I first saw it on Susan Chong's blog. She did this really fun flip-book for her in-laws.

If the link does not work, then here is the blog:
Yeah, it is scrapbook-y but it is supposed to be that way. Think beyond what you see. You could do a variation on that - something mixed media, something textile. I instantly thought about the multitude of backgrounds I do. That would be a great way to display them. Who needs focal points anyway? I love looking and touching the backgrounds so much more!

Susan references a blog with a tutorial:

All this bind-it-all stuff got me thinking. I went to the Zutter site and saw that they had a lot more stuff on their website. There are projects and tips on how to use the bind-it-all. They are even giving away a little metal pin for your bind-it-all so your holes will be closer to the edges. You just need to pay shipping.

Just thought I would pass it along. It's funn where you end up when you go looking at blogs.

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