Thursday, January 24, 2008

My little Betty doll

This is a variation of the popular dotee doll. I got one from Harriet and just love it. I have posted it before on my blog. I was asked to participate in a dotee doll swap but declined because I did not have the time to do 10 of them. The needlework part is not a groovin' thing for me. I can do one or two every so often but cannot assembly-line 10 of them . The arthritis in my hands would have a field day and would poke pins in my joints. I can't do 10 but I can do one. It is a departure from what I usually do. It did not take long at all. I did it while watching CSI.

1 comment:

mavis said...

I like it, but don't know what a dotee doll is. neither does spell check either!

Please tell me?