Sunday, February 17, 2008

CHA - Ranger Robin Beam This is the link to Robin Beam's blog. She has some great UTEE jewelry up on there. The bezels are from Amate. Robin was a blast. She was a lot of fun to watch. Very nice and very informative. The blue one on the left was put on top of a stamp, left to cool, and then lifted off. The middle one was done on the heat resist mat - the marbling - and then cut to fit the bezel. The last one is a square image from magenta that you put on the bottom of the bezel and then put some clear UTEE on top of it. What makes it look so great is that Robin used clear UTEE with some to dye for and a little bit of perfect pearls.

Here is one of the projects on the Ranger site:

I don't do a lot of the UTEE stuff but it is a fun thing to do once in awhile.


sot77 said...

your blog is really good!

Robin Beam said...

So glad you liked the jewelry! I'm hoping to get some more posted up eventually on my blog!

inky hugs,