Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking for Elizabeth

I am looking for the Elizabeth who was my swap partner for the Traci Bautista style journal that we traded with each other. I wanted to send in our journals for an art call for a new book. It was where we did all those Traci Bautista techniques from her book. I can't remember the last name. It has been awhile and a lot of projects ago. If you are that Elizabeth, then please email me. Thanks.


Candace Wareham said...

Hi Belinda,
Sometimes my brain doesn't hold any info, lol, but I did remember that your swap partner for the Traci book was Elizabeth Woodford. Her blog is and the cover for the journal she made for you is pictured under the archives for Dec 2006. I had been making those papers in late 06, too, just didn't have time to do the swap. Candace

Anonymous said...

Traci's book is amazzzzing!!!