Tuesday, February 19, 2008

March will be technique month!

The things I think of when I am sitting around being sick. I can't move around a lot since I have bronchitis. I was thinking about the very last swap I did that I did not host. It was a skinny book swap. I thought about all the swaps that I really liked and one of them was the technique fat book swap. Well, I don't have a lot of time to do that nowadays with school, family, and my sister being sick. How about a virtual swap? Well, it wouldn't be a swap but it would be sharing techniques.

Here is how it would go, you (yes, you out there) would share with me a technique. It can be a favorite or something that you do all the time. It can be a finished piece or just the technique itself. You would need to email me brief instructions on how to do the technique and a pict of it. I would put it on my blog during March. Other people would come, ooh and aah, and would be able to try the technique themselves. Some people may choose to print the technique for future reference. Of course, I will be crediting the artist that shares the technique with us.

If I get a good enough response to this, then I will set up a separate blog just for the techniques. I will link to it from this blog. A lot of people will see your work since I get a lot of hits on this blog. You can send me a technique at any time. If you learned this technique from someone in a workshop/book/magazine and you are putting on your personal twist, then please credit that person/book/magazine. Other people might be interested in learning more.

If you want to see techniques, then you will need to contribute one! When you email me, include name, city, state, and if you want, your email address/website/blog. Let me know if you don't want your email address included in the blog. Send me supply list, instructions, and a pict in .jpeg form. My email is crazyartgirl@sbcglobal.net.


Majken said...

What a great idea!

Will start to think up something right away.

Hope you get better soon,

This 'n That said...

Belinda, I think this sounds like a great idea. Now I have to go find the womans name that started me on this new (new to her, new to me)so I can give it to you. I hope you get to feeling better - what is up with your body turning things into bronchitis. I hate it. Best thing is drink drink drink.....water.......I don't suppose it would hurt to throw a little Crystal Lite into it.

Judi Foster