Sunday, March 30, 2008

1st coffee of the day

I think about this every morning when I take my first few sips of coffee on the way to school. I keep telling myself that I need to blog about this. Mind you, I don't drink a lot of coffee at all. I used to when I was in college and when I worked for Starbucks. I got a part-time job at Starbucks after I got divorced to help ends meet. It was also something for me to do to occupy my time when I was not at my full-time job. I have really cut down on my coffee since then since my stomach will not tolerate as much "stuff" as it used to. The IBS placed an involuntary restriction on my caffeine consumption.

I usually just have one small cup of coffee on the way to school. I go through the drive-through or I stop in to get one when I get gas for my Jeep. The standing joke is that I am getting coffee for my cream. People just don't understand that I can't do black coffee any more. The IBS and reflux will protest and cause me to puke it up a short while later. There are worse things than taking a lot of cream with my coffee.

It is that first hot sip of coffee in the morning that gives me that indescribeable feeling of warmth. It is always a little acidic with that first sip but gets instantly smooth after that. My stomach welcomes the warmth - even before my first bite of whatever breakfast I am having. I don't always drink coffee on the weekends nor when I don't go to school (like during spring break). I sometimes will have another small coffee on the way home or after dinner. It is not the same though. There is nothing like the first few sips of coffee first thing in the morning. It is during those few minutes every day that I know that life is good. Nothing can be that bad that a cup of coffee can't help cure first thing in the morning. Yeah, it won't stop the damned snow from falling (it is already almost April, people!) in droves nor will it stop my kids from fighting with each other. All it does is give me a brief moment of warm respite from everything else. No amount of meditating calms me like those first few sips every morning.

Now that I am done giving you a little glimpse of my daily love affair with my morning coffee, I want to know what does it for you? You are welcome to email me through the link in the right column of my blog or to add a comment to this post.


A Note From The Queen said...

Oh Belinda, it's like you read my mind. Coffee soothes my soul, from the first scent to the last sip. The first cup of the day sort of transports you to serenity reguardless of what is going on around you. God definently knew what He was doing when he gave us coffee!!!

Altered Route said...

Anyone who writes about coffee on their blog gets my attention!!! I love the stuff...regular black. I drink it all day long and here it is after midnight and I just poured another cup. I sure understand what you are saying about that first cup in the's always the Best!

Liz Kettle said...

Hi Belinda, I am so with you on that first sip of coffee! There is no better way to start the day.

Teyah44 said...

Soooooo right on the money about the coffee. I like my coffee "taupe" in color as I can't handle it black! In fact, I wrote the beginnings of my novel that begin with the heroine sipping Orange Cappuccino (my personal favorite from Kraft International Coffee as there isn't a coffee shop for miles)! Ok, still sipping and realizing the morning is slipping....bye.

Babsarella said...

I could not properly start my day without my cup o java. Got a Tassimo machine for Christmas 2007, and now every day starts with either a latte or a cappuccino. YUM. I limit my Starbucks to special occasions, but when I do, it has to be VENTI!!!

Judy H in NC said...

Ahhh, we must be related, I take a little coffee with my cream and sugar. There is something about that first sip going down.