Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break

My son and I happen to have the same spring break this year. Did not do much at first except work on some sewing for a piece that I am doing. It is just something for fun - something using all scraps and stuff that I have laying around. I was inspired by the Quilting Arts challenge to go green and just use stuff I already have. It is a WIP and won't be shown for awhile yet. I am still working on the little things that go on it. Otherwise, nothing interesting except getting my annual mammogram. I could imagine how uncomfortable it must be for a woman with very small breasts. Mine are not large and they had to be pressed down pretty far. What if you don't have much to press down? Well, I am digressing.

We just got home from two days at Coco Keys Waterpark in Arlington Heights. We were only going for one night but ended up staying for two. The waterpark is a favorite of my kids. The food there is rather mediocre and everything is expensive there. There was way too much chlorine in their pools and hot tubs. My son was very happy that I went down the very long waterslides with him. My daughter and I like the warmth of the hot tubs. They did have a Starbucks there - which saved me. The pillows there are also wonderful. The kids had a lot of fun. I did not have to watch over them as much as I have before in the past. They are growing up so quickly. My neck and back are still complaining though. I did no art while I was there but managed to read two books. I also ate a whole, huge package of Twizzlers with my son. We are home now. It is almost time to go to his soccer game. I never would have imagined myself a soccer mom 20 or even 15 years ago. How things have changed!

This is what I worked on today. I needed a break from my WIP wall hanging. I am not into it right now. I will work on it some more tomorrow. In the meantime, the dh and I have to put together an elliptical (SP?) machine that I recently bought. UGH! Exercising is easy compared to having to put together one of those things. Gotta work out to keep that weight down and my asthma from complaining.
Those of you who know me know that I cannot quilt worth anything. I tried taking a class once and could not do it. I can do the art quilting because I can just wing it based upon what I know. I don't know anything about 1/4" seams or do anything straight or symmetrical. I had to ask someone what "pouncing" was and how to do the back of the art quilt thingie for the rod hanger. I can tell you anything about collage, acrylic paints, and metal art, but I am a relative newbie in the textile world. What I am saying is if I can do this with my sewing machine (that my mom bought me unexpectedly), then you artists out there can do some art with fabric and a machine. I am far from being a textile artist. I am an artist who can passably sew. The top one is something I put together while creating the bottom postcard. The postcard is for Elizabeth Dawson - who is a fantastic quilter and really knows what she is doing. I have been lucky enough to get several of her pieces. Just because I can't do something does not mean I cannot love someone else's work. I appreciate her pieces more because I cannot do it!!!
So, those of you with sewing machines and scraps galore. Get to sewing! Email me and I will trade with you! Have some fun outside of your box. The scraps don't look like much by themselves, but they look great as postcards. I love fabric and mixed media postcards. One of my continuing love affairs is with mail art. I keep going back to that.

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Elizabeth in NM said...

Ha! I was reading your blog, and greatly admiring these two pieces, when I saw it was the postcard for me! Ooh, I am so excited to see it in person!