Saturday, March 15, 2008

faux metal ATCs

This is a variation from the Somerset magazine workshop section. I have been playing with variations for the past week. It works well on wood and chipboard. I not only used silver Lumiere but brass and gold with halo colors as well. The one on the right is the brass. It is less orange/rusty colored in real life.
Sorry, can't trade these. They are samples for someone. You can click on the pict for a larger view. Comments welcome.


Wanda H said...

Love 'em!!!

May Terry said...

These are just wonderful! There's something so satisfying about bits of metal and other stuff, put together in such a clever way. Fabulous!

May from 'Assemblage Artists'

mavis said...

These came out super!

gabbihope said...

These are very cool! They really do look like real metal...amazing. Is that a Dremel sanding disk I see? love how you used it! Great work! :)