Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Got my Big Bite Crop-a-Dile

Whoo! Hooo! Love tools. Sandy showed me hers the last time we had breakfast together. The one complaint I had about the crop-a-dile was that you could not go in very far on whatever you were doing to set the eyelet. What I love about the crop-a-dile is that it will punch a hole into a lot of things that a regular hole punch won't even attempt.

Sandy got hers from Archivers. Harriet saw it at a Michaels. I got mine from eBay at a great price. Sometimes, I luck out. Mine did not come with the eyelets shown in this pict. I just got the actual crop-a-dile. So easy to use!

1 comment:

brenda bliss said...

Crop-a-dile Heaven!!!!!!!!!
Love it!
brenda bliss