Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Workshop Sample for Dremel - my house

I got the idea after reading the Somerset workshop article on making the chipboard look like distressed metal. I thought it would work with wood as well. The roof is done with overlapping pieces of masking tape. I am very happy with this simple piece.
Click on the pict if you want to see more detail. I wanted to keep it simple for workshop purposes. People could always add more to it, if they wanted to.


Linda Manning Findley said...

love your house ...... Dremel should be very happy ... Linda F

rscoach said...

B... love this house! Wish I lived closer so I could take the workshop - btw I spent yesterday updating my blog with four posts (got obsessesd!) would love for you to check them out - especially the Handkerchief Journal I made in Lilia Meredith's class - a tribute to my Great Grandparents who lived in the 1800's! would love your feedback - - enjoy - Reva (Los Angeles)