Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last day of spring break

I am feeling rather peevish since I have not gotten to do anything that I really wanted to do. I spent most of it shuttling the kids around, sliding down waterslides, and not doing what I want to do. I just got home from the book store and from eating lunch at Wendy's with my daughter. The food was so bland and uneventful that my taste buds revolted. I just satiated them with a bit of chocolate. Now I need something to drink. The book store was very uneventful. I did see the new CPS Studio issue. Interesting. There are some artists in there that I "know". It was rather fun to see faces to their names. They are way more organized than me when it comes to art supplies. They also have a lot more art room than I do. I am so groovin' on Kelli Perkins' hair. Love that purple. I was thinking of a vivid red or blue shade in my own hair. Might be a big hit with my 6th graders but probably not with the other teachers. All that nasty chlorine in the pool and hot tub took away my hair coloring. You can see the gray hairs against my black hair very easily now. The book store cashier was so rude and pushy that I actually called the manager afterwards to complain. My daughter was in tears because the woman was so rude that she did not get to pay for her own book.

Time to put together my machine. Hasta luego.

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