Monday, March 31, 2008

newest charms

These are not quite done. I still need to add a couple of fun things and a jump ring to it. The little houses are for the ABC 5th anniversary swap. The ones on the right are for some charm bracelets I am making up. I might include some in my charm swap or the ABC one as well.
The house ones were done with chipboard. I painted both sides with metallic Lumiere. The copper side also got a dose of white poster pen from Sharpie. I just wrote all over it. Anything that came to mind. The other side was silver with a touch of green dry painted on. When dried, I used black StazOn and stamped the little Zetti houses on the front. The back was just a series of the number 5 for their 5th anniversary. I gave it a coat of gel medium and then cut them out. I used a 1/16th punch and 1/16th eyelets to finish them off.
The rectangular ones are from some vintage signs. You can get them at Hobby Lobby or find it laying around in an antique store or scrap metal yard. Make sure it is flexible enough to cut with snips (if you don't have a saw). I used snips and cut them to charm size. I then used my Dremel with the grinding accessory to smooth out the edges so they were not sharp and jagged. That was a lot of work! I lost some skin on two of my fingers because the grinding tool got too close. You should clamp it or use pliers. I have done so much on my Dremel that I did not need to. The things I do for my art! I finished them off with my Dremel and a drill bit to create the jump ring holes. I will add a little something to it with the jump ring. They look great on a charm bracelet!
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eclectic works said...

These are great! I love anything that looks aged, and aged metal is always a great!