Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crop-a-dile and Big Bite Crop-a-dile

I was at Costco with the family today stocking up on necessities when I saw the pink crop-a-dile with a bunch of eyelets 643 pieces. It was $24.99! That is a great buy with all the eyelets and stuff. It is even better than with the 40% off coupon. I have two already but recently ruined part of it while using it to crush some large-o metal eyelets. It still works but the plastic part is kinda falling apart. The crop-a-dile is a great hole punch and eyelet setter. It works with 1/8 and 3/16th holes. Wish they had a 1/16th for jewelry and metal people like me.

It is very important that you match up the bottom and top numbers to what you are doing. There is a chart that comes with the crop-a-dile. If you do not, then your eyelets may not set properly. It is also important to make sure the prong (male part) fits into the top of the eyelet before you press down or it will crush the eyelet. I don't have any problems using it.

Some people have complained about it not working for them. It might be that it is not in the proper position when you press down. It might also be that the eyelet is cheap. I have gotten eyelets off eBay that would not set properly in the back and crush onto itself. I think that is the quality of the eyelet and metal, not the crop-a-dile.

I recently got the Big Bite - which goes further into whatever you are doing. You are not limited to being close to the edge. It is like a long reach stapler, if that helps you to envision it. I have not had any problems setting eyelets or punching holes with it. It is really the same as the smaller version except you need to move the button to punch holes or to set the eyelet. You need to make sure it is on a hard, flat surface, eyelet is properly positioned and that you use the right setting for the top and bottom of the eyelet. I have used the Big Bite on chipboard, mat board, and on sheet metal. No problems so far. I have also used it on multiple layers of paper.

When I broke my crop-a-dile punching through sheet metal, I wrote to them via their website. I mailed my broken one to them and they immediately replaced it. I don't work for them or anything, but I thought I would pass it on. The reason I like this product is that it works well for me and is pretty portable when I need to take it along to workshops.

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