Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Embossed tiles

Can you believe that I don't have light molding paste at home? I was just a Dick Blick not that long ago with a coupon!!! Anyway, I tried this technique and thought it was very interesting. It is on page 48 of the Altered Surfaces book by Chris Cozen. You can get it at I won't tell you the exact technique out of the book. You will have to buy it to get that! Ha! Yes, I am a bit cheeky right now.
I am done with my article now, so I am done being cranky. I am so wound up though that it will take me a bit to come down and feel sleepy. I will feel it tomorrow though. Long day - meeting after school and then going to a Dremel meeting in Wisconsin after that. Dremel is always fun though.
I took one of the Bazzill chips and mixed it a little with regular molding paste and Puffy 3D glue. I stamped into an embossing pad first so my stamp would release. I pressed my harlequin diamond stamp into the molding paste and glue. I did it kinda lightly, lifted, and then washed the stamp with H20 and a toothbrush. I put a heat gun to it and got some great height and bubbling from the 3D glue. I let that cool and then pressed down the really puffy areas so I could see the harlequin design more. I really like the uneven-ness of the texture. Let that dry completely.
When the tile was dry, I dribbled a drop of fluid acrylic in a few colors onto the tile. Used a paper towel and dabbed. Got some great color! Topped it off with a coating of clear tar gel. Let it set overnight.
Musings: Yup, I will have to try this with actual light molding paste. I might also put on another coat of tar gel to even out some of the height. Still a little tacky a few days later. This would make a groovy mosaic or roof tiles.
Puffy 3-D glue from I will post my picts. I played with it the other day. I like it better when I put a heat gun to it while still wet instead of dry.

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Anonymous said...

Belinda: this tile or piece is amazing, I love it: ) I wrote to you before about Chris' book and how much I love it but have not tried any of the techniques YET !! I am such a "chicken" when it comes to experimenting on my own. I always feel the need for a class or some hands-on instruction well, maybe sooon I'll break-out or down and JUST DO IT !! We have a small fiber arts group and our current motto is JUST DO IT !! I'm always complaining that no one takes any initiative to do things on "their" own - well, loook who's talking, ha : ) I can see how just writing it out brings out so much of what goes on in our/my little brain, ha : ) thanks again for all your sharing, it gives me the inspiration and/or kick in the pants to JUST DO IT !! : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ