Friday, April 25, 2008

Hip Chick Beads

They came today! They are smaller than I thought they would be but pretty nifty anyway. I enlarged the scan so you can see them. Those of you who know me know that I am a sucker for hearts - especially puffy hearts. I also like swirls. The one with all the holes reminds me of punchinella gone mad! I got the Sisters one in honor of my little sister. Even though I am always thinking of her and she is in my heart, I think I need a comfort item right now.
Here is the link to their site:
Don't you think the name should be Hippie Chick? It rolls off the tongue better for me.


tami r. said...

belinda, i love your new charms and thanks for the link! very cool stuff i must say! thanks again,
tami r.

Anonymous said...

Hipchick beads does not have good etiquette or customer service, and can be darn right rude if you mention a competitor or ask for a gram price. If you try and negotiate at all -they responded we can sell you some "cheap Bali silver instead." In one of my orders (first order) they sent me what I call "seconds" where some of the pieces look ill formed. When I wanted to return them, their policy is a re-stocking fee. This is too bad because they do have some clever little designs. Also the turnaround time is slow (while they charge and use Priority -can take up to a week) so I continue to feel indifferent.

Anonymous said...

I love her things- they are unique, handmade & authentic! They are a bit different than other places because they are truly handcrafted & made to look as such- so what the "anonymous" person said about seconds is probably misconceived. She has been incredibly helpful when I had design questions or concerns- but they take pride in their work so if you want to negotiate your price you might be better off on EBay or garage selling! Every time I wear something I made with her silver pieces I get rave complements. Hippy Chick was taken- so she's just hip :) and I think they are truly.
A happy hip chick customer :)