Friday, April 18, 2008

Open Studios at Quilt Festival

My friend, Sandy, was nice enough to take some picts of me while I was doing demos during that weekend. Sandy, hope you are feeling better every day! The demo I was doing was dyeing with color wash. I usually do not even bother to wear gloves and just let my hands get dyed, too. I did not want purple and burgundy hands all weekend, so I wore disposable gloves. It made it a little harder to do some things like peel the paper towels apart. People were amazed at what I could do with some Viva paper towels!
In the bottom pict, Sandy took one of me in front of a few of my pieces that were hung up in the Open Studios area. I think people spent more time looking at the art pieces I brought along than my demos. Okay, I got them to pay attention to me, but they had to pick up and see my art first. I was extremely flattered that so many asked if they could take a pict of my pieces.

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