Monday, May 05, 2008

9 Patch Mini Quilt done!

Here are the picts. Gotta go and be soccer mom. Will elaborate with full instructions later. This is my first "real" quilt with batting and binding. So, it's not symmetrical nor is it straight. I am still loving it. I did this as a sample for a swap I am hosting in the MM Art Friends group. We are just swapping the 1.5" squares. The July challenge is to make our own 9 patch with the different squares. Sign-ups are until June 1st, if you are interested.
I am totally quilt challenged. If I can do this, then anyone can. All you need is a sewing machine. I will give you complete instructions on how I did it. I also have the original instructions from the Artgirlz quiltie in the CPS newsletter.
Click on the pict for a more detailed view. Comments welcome.

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Mandy said...

I think you did a phenomenal job..especially in one night!! I'm afraid that mine would suck!