Monday, May 05, 2008

9 patch quiltie - squares

I started the quiltie with the squares. They are 1.5" chipboard squares from Bazzill. You can get them from Quilting Arts or scrapbooking places. If you are good, then you can cut them yourself.
I used Primary Elements - Polished Pigments in various colors. They are put out by Luminarte. They are concentrated color - cool, shimmery like H2Os. Used the #2 solution. Sandy gave me this great plastic ice tray with small compartments. I had one of the starter packs. You only need a little scoop of color and then several drops of color. I just used one coat. 1/2 scoop and 4-5 drops of solution colored 2-3 squares. I used some of the excess on the brush to give little random swipes and swirls on squares that were a different color. The brighter colors work better here.
Once they were dried (which happened very quickly), I took some stamps and stamped some backgrounds on there with Distress Ink. The backgrounds were rather faint, which I liked. It did not compete with the main image. I let that dry before getting out the stamps and StazOn.
Love, love, love the new Artgirlz inchie stamps. I am a fan of their quirky, funky stuff. They have about 4 different sets. I got two of them. You can get them at the site or through Quilting Arts online store. Don't know which one is cheaper since you can get a discount if you subscribe to Quilting Arts. I just used some black StazOn and stamped the images near the bottom of the square.
At first, I tried to use the white paint pen but that stood out too much, so I used some blue, green, and pink gel pens around the borders of each square. I just did random writing around the edges. I thought about doing more but did not want to overdo it.
I set the squares aside to work on the quilt. You can tell by the way some of the squares came out that I have to work on lining things up better. I had no problem lining things up, it was when it came time to sew it on that it got skewed. Maybe someone who quilts can tell me how to do that better. I think that I will need to use some heat adhesive and join the B&W checkboard square to something heavier underneath before sewing. The flimsy material was not cooperative at all.
When all was done, I chose the squares I liked best and stuck them on with an ample quantity of Sobo glue. I kept pressing down on the squares to make sure thye were stuck on good and tight. I did make extras for the swap. They are just sitting there waiting to go into people's envelopes.

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Marrianna said...

The 9 patch is great. Your sewing skills combined with your collage techniques make for fantastic artwork. Thank you for sharine. My prayers are with you and your family as your sister prepares for the next steps in life.